Understanding their Identity scaled


by Yvette Lepolata Aduke Modestin

Meet two gentle warriors, two amazing black women who were intentional in their journey to go deeper in understanding their identity. That journey took them to a place of clarity and joy that you will find in their movement, in their hair and on their skin. It was truly a gift to be on the receiving end of their vibrating words.

They have answered the question, where do you want to land? What table do you want to be invited to and why do you want to get invited to that table? They know and understand that the answer to these questions are constantly evolving but they have landed in this sweet place today, as you read their words, where they can say with great comfort, I am a Black Woman, I am an Afro Latina, I am me and this is what I bring to the table. What these two powerful hermanas bring to you is an authentic self that says, orgullosamente negra que va mas profundo que el color de mi piel. Ashe!


Wilnelia Rivera

Wilnelia Rivera Why is identifying as a Black Latino/Afro Latino important to you? For me the most important part of my identity is the journey that I have been on since I was a 16 year old.

Eli Pimentel

Eli Pimentel

Eli Pimentel Why is identifying as a Black Latino/Afro Latino important to you? For me I think I started using the language Afro Latina about 5 years ago to honor history, reflect on colonization and especially as a Dominican to tap into the power of naming it.