Andrew Melendez 1

Andrew Melendez is the Director of Latino Economic Development Corporation. Their mission is to connect the states Latino businesses to capital investments and grants, advocacy of policies that directly impacts the Latino economic development in the Commonwealth and providing a hotline that coaches business owners to grow and succeed. This is done by coordinating partnerships throughout the Commonwealth to work with Latino Business Leadership organizations that are doing the work in their respective communities.

In his last role, he is tasked to help lead PFC and its affiliates as the Chief Advancement Officer ensuring processes are put in place to help continue the growth of PFC that manages 4 non-profits with an annual revenue of 80 million dollars. He recently was the Western MA Director for the Associated Industries of Massachusetts the largest business association in Massachusetts having over 700 members in his region supporting the businesses with labor law, HR, and connecting them with their advocates on Beacon Hill. The 700+ members under Melendez brought in $4.3 million dollars in membership dues and he was able to retain and grow membership during the pandemic when other membership organizations were struggling. Also, his former experience as an Executive Director, and Director of Diversity and Inclusion, at the YMCA prepared him to understand community needs in Western Massachusetts and Greater Boston.