ALX Business Program

Are you a Latine entrepreneur in Massachusetts?

Amplify LatinX invites you to join the ALX Business Program!

Our program is free, fully customized to your needs, and available in English or Spanish.

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What are the ALX Business Program requirements?

  • Be a Latino micro / small / high growth business owner in Massachusetts.
  • Have a functioning business offering products or services to your customers.
  • Business must be owned by at least one individual over the age of eighteen (18).
  • Be willing and committed to invest the time needed to implement our recommendations.

The ALX Business Program will provide you with the tools and support you need to boost your sales, streamline your operations, maintain healthy finances, and prepare your company to access capital to fuel your growth.

How does it work?

First, we’ll review your business to determine its growth stage and then design solutions that optimize your current resources and pave the way to secure what you’ll need to grow.

Our methodology is adaptable to whatever stage your business is at:

  • Need to learn new skills? Our instructors are ready to assist you.
  • Do you need help making strategic decisions? Our mentors are available to guide you.
  • Want to brainstorm solutions? Our coaches will help you uncover challenging and innovative industry solutions.
  • Need to solve a problem? Our expert consultants will provide recommendations.

The program is flexible; you can choose to participate in one-on-one consulting sessions or in join group workshops.

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Featured Sector


Catering to the critical need for high-quality childcare programs in Massachusetts, our Childcare Program focuses on enhancing the business skills of childcare providers, empowering them to run their businesses with a growth-oriented approach and expand their childcare offerings in a sustainable manner. By addressing our client’s needs with culturally relevant and accessible training and one-on-one consulting, we are not only helping to close the Latine wealth gap but also building a network of job creators who are providing a critical service that will impact the future of our state for generations to come.


I am writing on behalf of Bright Beginners Daycare LLC to convey our deepest gratitude for the exceptional support and guidance we have received from your organization over the past few months.

The personalized consultations provided by your team have been crucial in refining our business strategies and navigating the unique challenges faced by small enterprises.

Dora Aguilar

Owner, Bright Beginners Family Daycare

I want to express my deepest gratitude for the invaluable support provided during the process of crafting the business plan for Blady’s Little World. Your guidance and assistance have been instrumental in preparing a solid proposal that has enabled me to progress in the growth of my business.

The opportunity to participate in your program was an enriching experience that strengthened my entrepreneurial skills and my vision for the future of Blady’s Little World. Your dedication and commitment to the success of Latinx entrepreneurs like me is truly inspiring.

Bladymar Porras

Owner, Blady’s Little World