Contronting Colorism


Showcasing Voices from Our Black Latinx Diaspora

Colorism has long been an undeniable part of the Latino experience, the effects of which have historically been denied or minimized within our communities. This has resulted in severe emotional and psychological struggles for black Latinos, with serious socio-economic, educational, and political repercussions.

Amplify Latinx partnered with EmVision Productions, Cojuelos’ Productions, and Creative Collective LLC, along with community stakeholders on a series of vignettes, capped with panel discussions, as they explore the topic of “Blackness” in the Latino community, and the impact of this rarely discussed prejudice in our upcoming virtual campaign, ‘Confronting Colorism: Showcasing Voices from Our Black Latinx Diaspora.’ Join us in this dialog and share your thoughts on our social media platforms.

*Funded in part by Essex County Community Foundation, Mass Development, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Stay Tuned! Vignettes will be posted here as they are released.