Gifts of Impact

Get ready to unwrap the magic of the holiday season

with gifts that do more than just sparkle; they create and inspire a more inclusive world!

We’re thrilled to present you with a handpicked array of treasures from Latinx small businesses — as well as our own exclusive, custom-designed swag — each one a more impactful choice than mass-market goods. When you choose to give these gifts, you not only give something memorable… you also contribute to making the world a better, more diverse and vibrant place for all.

Amplify LatinX Exclusives

Purchase one of our limited edition ALX gifts and own a symbol of your support for the Latinx community, exclusively designed for us — and you.

Available nowhere else but here.*

ALX100 Book


A full-color hardcover book is set to celebrate and honor the ALX100 exceptional Latinx leaders and showcase the brilliance of these trailblazers.

This carefully curated and beautifully designed coffee-table worthy book promises to be a treasure trove of inspiration and empowerment. Each turn of the page will immerse you in the captivating stories and remarkable achievements of Latinx leaders from fields as diverse as politics, arts, sciences, business and more.

By supporting this project, you will not only possess a collector’s item that exudes elegance and beauty but also help shine a spotlight on the remarkable contributions of Latinx leaders who are changing the world with unwavering determination.

Full-color, linen with library binding. Limited edition.

FREE SHIPPING — Orders placed by Dec 16 will arrive by Dec 24. All sales are final. For large orders or special requests please contact us at [email protected]


— $79

Add elegance and sophistication to any outfit when proudly wearing our luxurious faux silk scarf. Bursting edge-to-edge with our exclusive fauna and flora artwork, this lush 35” scarf is a true statement piece. Hand wash. 


— $49

Our silver-tone cufflinks feature our ALX icon, a powerful representation of individuality and Latino strength. Presented in a stylish gift box, these cufflinks are not just an accessory, but a statement of Latino pride.

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$169 | save 25%

Amplify LatinX
Small Business Showcase

Explore a collection of meaningful gifts from Latino-owned local businesses in Massachusetts that reflect the heart and soul of our community.

When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance.

  • Commonwealth Kitchen

    Holiday Gift Boxes | Inclusive Entrepreneurship

    Delight someone with our curated Holiday Gift Boxes! Each purchase supports a just, equitable food economy. Order early—supplies are limited!

    10% off: AMPLIFY

  • Maribet Accessories

    Spiral earrings

    Discover unique spiral earrings from Maribet Accessories, where personalized, artisanal jewelry meets effortless beauty. Hecho a mano con amor.

    10% off: Navidad con LatinX

  • Artyfactos

    Ethical & Sustainable Handmade Jewelry

    We empower Latin American artisans to create stunning pieces with eco-friendly materials like orange peel, coffee beans, and tagua nuts.

    Wear Jewelry that Matters

  • Josephine’s Baking Company

    Gluten Free Cookies

    Gluten-free no longer means taste-free! Josephine’s Baking Company crafts delectable, gluten-free cookies with all-natural ingredients.

    10% off : 23AmplifyLatinX

  • LV Home Improvement & Cleaning Inc.

    Holiday Deep Cleaning

    Indulge in the gift of an immaculate home this holiday season with our expert Holiday Deep Cleaning service. You get to relax!

    10% off: AMPLIFYLATINX


    Inclusive Brands Gift Boxes

    Elevate your gifting with beautifully curated boxes, highlighting 90% minority and women-owned brands. Give a gift of luxury and inclusivity!

    10% Off: AMPLIFY2023

  • Ricano by Jonathan Suazo

    Afro-Caribbean / Latin Jazz Fusion Album

    Suazo is a Puerto Rican saxophonist/composer. RICANO intertwines Latin and Afro-descendant roots in an intimate musical embrace.

    50 % off: amplifyricano

  • Bono Restaurant & Catering

    Tacos Birria Trays

    Savor the mouthwatering flavors of Bono Restaurant’s delicious birria tacos, a slow-cooked culinary delight from our family-owned kitchen.

    10% off: Bonolatinx

  • Miosotis Cleaning Services

    Holiday Cleaning with Oven Add-On

    Miosotis provides expert Holiday Cleaning with a convenient Oven Add-On. No one likes oven cleaning—let Miosotis do it for you!

    15% off: AMPLIFYLATINX

  • Luke’s Lights

    BUY ONE | GIVE ONE Solar Reading Lamp

    For each one you buy, one goes to someone without electricity (in 80+ countries) —illuminate your world, share hope worldwide.

    10% off: LATINX10

  • Alma y Espiritu — Pertenæcer©

    Mindfullness Training for Latinx Immigrants

    Culturally-adapted mindfulness and meditation practices, including connecting with ancestry and exploring migration experiences.

    8-week curriculum

  • Amooti Fashion

    Afro-Latinx Colorful Apparel

    Vibrant, distinctive slow-fashion designs, born from the global vision of the Chilean founder rooted in Uganda, empower women worldwide.

    20% off: LATINEXAMOOTI20

  • Uvida Shop

    Zero-Waste Gifts

    Discover Uvida, Boston’s first zero-waste store, and be inspired to live more eco-consciously through plastic-free, zero-waste shopping.

    15% off all orders: ALX15

  • Tantine Mime’s Gourmet

    Artisan Antipasto

    Tantine Mime’s Gourmet crafts exquisite Artisan Antipasto in jars—appetizers blending pickled veggies, fine herbs, and Mime’s Signature Sauce.

    10% off: amplifylatinx10

  • Skinluxe

    Skincare Services & Products

    Indulge in Skinluxe’s curated skincare experience. Discover customized facials, acne solutions, pigment correction, & advanced laser treatments.

    15% off: LATINX15

  • Garcia Cristina Designs

    Individually-crafted Rings

    Designed in Boston, MA, and carefully crafted by third-generation artisanal workshops, each one of our rings has an identity of its own. Sizes 3-12.

    10% off first order | Free Shipping

  • Boston Cleaning Collective

    Cleaning Elves for a Day

    Start the new year with a clean slate! This collective, led by resilient single mothers and immigrants, offers top-notch cleaning services.

    20% off: ALATINX

  • Bija Essence

    All-natural Essential Oil Blends

    Ayurvedic body oils and a luxurious Home Fragrance Collection from Bija Essence. Enjoy a free Red Velvet Tote under your Christmas tree.

    10% off: LATINX10

  • Legendary Today

    Trendy Hoodies & Tees

    Join our urban streetwear community, where diversity thrives. Our mission is to inspire cultural identity through our stylish hoodies and t-shirts.

    10% off: AMPLIFY

  • Nature Capelli

    Gotero Hair Growth Serum

    Nature Capelli’s 4 oz. Gotero Anti-Hair Loss & Growth Dropper: Luxurious hair wellness for control and vitality.

    20% off: AMPLIFY20OFF

  • New England Sweet Tooth

    Artisanal Handmade Alfajores

    New England Sweet Tooth crafts authentic, handmade Alfajores—Argentine delights with delicate cookies and dulce de leche caramel.

    10% off: R3FCS7E18HQX

  • Element Oasis

    All Natural Soaps — Fill Your Own Half Bar Box

    Experience a variety of handcrafted soap bars featuring natural colors and essential oil aromas, free from chemicals or preservatives.

    Create your custom box — choose 9 soaps!

  • Petunia Boston

    Soft Bunny Keychains

    Looks and feels real! This rabbit charm hangs on keys, bags, or anywhere you like. Soft, cute, and its paws wiggle when shaken. You’ll be smitten.

    New & 1st store at 131 Charles Street, Boston

  • Vida Wellness

    Spa Day

    Our center offers massage therapy, skin care, facials, acupuncture, yoga, meditation & nutrition coaching to transform your life in 2024.

    20% off for all new clients: vidalatinx

  • Mr. Tamole

    Traditional Salsa and Mole Sauces

    Steeped in history and flavor, our mole blends 23 ingredients for a gluten-free, harmonious taste. Savor the essence of Puebla’s culinary heritage.

    Free Shipping on all orders over $45

  • Art Cooks

    Venezuelan-Style Round Beef Roast

    Savor the flavors of Art Cooks’ authentic homemade Venezuelan Asado Negro roast in a rich red wine sauce. You’ll want seconds!


  • United Latinas

    United Latinas Membership

    Surprise a remarkable Latina in your life with a community of Powerful Latina Leaders! Empower her growth, leadership, and global connections.

    20% off: ULLAURA

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