The Future is

Latinos are the



(14.4% of the population)

& fastest-growing

community of color in

This Is How We Amplify

Las empresas de propiedad latina son el segmento de más rápido crecimiento del ecosistema de pequeñas empresas de EE. UU.


Latine-owned businesses in Massachusetts

$4.2 billion+

Latine-owned businesses in Massachusetts


workers employed

2023 ALX Small Business Program Results

Challenges & Opportunities

Massachusetts has the 10th largest population
of Latine voters in the nation.

Less than 1/2

are registered to vote

Every 30 seconds

a young Latino turns 18

16 elected

Latine lawmakers in Massachusetts (up from six in 2018)

Amplify LatinX commissioned the largest ever Latino focused poll on civic engagement and economic prosperity in Massachusetts. The historic survey found: