Amplify Latinx Investing in our Shared Future


Solidarity and Sustainability for the 21st Century Latino Community Organizations

Amplify Latinx jointly released two studies on the Latino nonprofit sector in the Commonwealth that highlight the critical role that Latino CBOs play in supporting and empowering the growing Latino community with culturally relevant and linguistically appropriate services and programming. Amplify Latinx and Greater Boston Latino Network commissioned two complementary research reports on Latino nonprofits to understand the landscape of Latino-led community-based organizations (CBOs), their services areas, strengths, and needs. Amplify Latinx and the Gastón Institute partnered to gather data about the current Latino non-profit organizations in Massachusetts and establish a benchmark that would allow an assessment of the strengths of the specific services provided by these non-profits to Latino communities across the state. As part of the research, Gastón developed a first-of-its-kind mapping of the Latino nonprofit organizations in MA, and a report with recommendations to build the sustainability and longevity of the sector.

Concurrently, GBLN conducted a separate report on Latinx-led nonprofits in Boston to dive deeper and better understand the challenges facing this sector based on key voices. The GBLN study provides a unique view on the collectivity of the Greater Boston-based organizations and how these organizations have emerged as vital in assisting Latinx residents and others to meet challenges related to education and housing inequality, economic inequalities and poverty, anti-immigrant policies and sentiments.

The reports found that the Latino nonprofit sector and their central contributions to Latino communities and overall civic life remains invisible to many power brokers and philanthropy in Massachusetts, in spite of expanding demands due to the exponential demographic growth of Latinos in Massachusetts.

Read the reports here: