Daliza Nova brings a wealth of knowledge and a heartfelt commitment to her work in business development, strategy, and project management. Her educational journey includes an enriching experience at Hult International Business School, earning an Executive MBA with studies in London and Dubai, and a grounding in Economics from Hampshire College with a focus on community development and aiding underserved populations. 

Her career began in Public Housing being selected to form part of a HUD program where the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment officials placed young professionals within Management in Housing Authorities. There, she gathered Data and wrote her undergraduate thesis on Public Housing, and the real effects of inherited poverty. 

Her career is marked by robust experience in business development, project management, and strategy. As a startup advisor, she supports entrepreneurs of color, enhancing their access to capital and networks. Fluent in English and Spanish, Daliza’s work spans affordable housing, banking, and government sectors, demonstrating a commitment to diversity and community engagement. A Dominican immigrant and a mother of two, she exemplifies resilience and multitasking, having pursued her MBA while working full-time and rehabilitating her home in upper Roxbury. Daliza’s tenure includes significant roles as the Project Director for the Massachusetts Business Center of the Minority Business Development Agency, and as the Director of Business Development and Marketing for Harbor One Bank, where she designed B2B and B2C initiatives for increased deal sourcing. As well as in Wells Fargo and TD Bank. Daliza’s strategic approach to relationship building, client engagement, and the creation of innovative business strategies has driven growth in all the organizations she has formed a part of. Her ability to nurture client relationships through effective communication, along with her talent for designing comprehensive client support systems, has significantly contributed to her success.

Daliza’s contributions extend to being selected to present her innovative ideas to enhance Boston to Mayor Marty Walsh, showcasing her impact on local community development. Her expertise and insights have also led her to speak to GBH regarding procurement and access to capital for minority-owned businesses, highlighting her role as a thought leader in economic inclusivity. Beyond her professional endeavors, Daliza enjoys reading about behavioral economics, indicating her deep interest in understanding the factors that influence economic decisions and outcomes.