Eneida Roman is a seasoned and highly respected business leader who has gained national recognition for her outstanding contributions to advancing women and Latinos across various sectors. An innovator, and small business owner for over two decades, she is determined to strengthen the U.S. economy by maximizing the potential of women and communities of color. Eneida is a natural connector and innovator with a diverse skill set, and the impact of her intersectional endeavors is felt across the nation.

Her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to building bridges are a testament to her contributions and expertise as an attorney, organizational psychologist, and co-founder of Amplify LatinX. Eneida has played a pivotal role in leading Amplify Latinx with unwavering conviction and cultural competence. She leads the organization by placing a strong emphasis on racial and ethnic equity, working tirelessly to create opportunities and drive meaningful change for Latinos across sectors.

Eneida’s meaningful dedication and impact have earned her numerous accolades and recognition in her field. She is a distinguished Fellow of the American Bar Foundation, an honor limited to just one percent of lawyers licensed to practice in each jurisdiction. Among other local and national distinctions, Eneida has been repeatedly acknowledged as a Top Latino Attorney by Latino Leaders Magazine, further highlighting her significant contributions and influence.

In addition to her professional achievements, Eneida actively serves in various important roles and boards. She is a Governor Appointee to the Massachusetts Governor’s Latino Empowerment Council and the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund Advisory Board. She has held prominent leadership positions within prestigious organizations such as the American Bar Association, the Hispanic National Bar Association, and the Massachusetts Bar Association. Currently, she shares her expertise and insights with the HOPE National Council, Latino Victory’s National Committee, the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Women’s Advisory Board, the Boston Women’s Workforce Council, MassINC’s Board of Directors, ALPFA National Board, and Eastern Bank’s Board of Ambassadors.

Eneida Roman’s outstanding accomplishments, combined with her commitment to equitable public policy and leadership in various influential organizations, solidify her reputation as a catalytic pacesetter. She continues to make significant strides in promoting diversity, inclusion, and empowerment, leaving a lasting impact on the lives and careers of women and Latinos nationwide.