Roxanna earned her MBA from the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia and has been working at the intersection of marketing and culture for over 25 years.

She has a solid foundation in classic marketing and brand management from her time working in-house at L’Oreal and Colgate-Palmolive as well as a wealth of experience having worked on Hispanic, Latin American and US general markets for global brands like Biotherm, Dove, Nike, AARP, Neutrogena, YouTube, Sprint, Dole, Disney, Kohl’s, Red Bull, Lincoln and Nintendo both as a consultant and while leading agency teams.

As an entrepreneur and founding partner, she was key in developing and executing the strategy that transformed a niche blogger network to a profitable and flexible business that still does work as a community and mission-driven lifestyle brand for Latinas in the US.

Roxanna’s 100% certifiable as a word nerd and has had a lifelong fascination with what makes people tick. She’s done everything from debating the merits of school bake sales (she’s not a fan) in the New York Times to writing about pop culture and fashion for AOL in the mid-aughts. She wrote an online educational program to educate Latinas on entrepreneurship and financial literacy on behalf of a corporate client because she believes in the power of words for good, not just for sales or entertainment.

In her opinion, nothing beats the thrill of getting people to take action via clear strategy and persuasive copy.

Roxanna started blogging way back in 2005 and has been working creatively and professionally on all major social media platforms since their launch. You could say that she’s fluent in the language of the internet (and you’d be right).