Tomás Gonzalez is a dedicated advocate for social justice and empowerment in Boston, with an impressive track record in political, electoral, and social campaigns spanning over 30 years. Born and raised in Boston, he is deeply rooted in the community and committed to driving positive change.

Tomás is a graduate of Boston College, where he developed a strong foundation for his career as an agent of change. Throughout his career, he has held multiple influential roles within Boston’s local government under the administrations of both Thomas Menino and Martin Walsh. One notable position was Deputy Director for the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services (MONS). Additionally, Tomás served as an Assistant Commissioner for the City of Boston’s Inspectional Services department. In all his roles, Tomas’s leadership and expertise were instrumental in ensuring equitable representation for Boston residents.

Outside of his roles within the local government, Tomás served as the political director for the Massachusetts Communities Action Network (MCAN). MCAN is the state’s largest faith-based advocacy and action group, where Tomás contributed to advancing progressive ideals through strategic political engagement and mobilization. Tomás was a founding member and executive board member of Raise Up Massachusetts (RUM). RUM is the state’s largest social justice table, dedicated to organizing for progressive ideals and driving systemic change. Currently, Tomás is the co-owner of SEED, located in Jamaica Plain.

Tomás’s extensive experience, strategic leadership, and commitment to social justice have positioned him as a prominent figure in Boston’s movements for change. His work in various roles within local government, political advocacy, and community entrepreneurship demonstrates his dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of Boston residents and advancing progressive ideals.