What is the ALX100?

Every year, Amplify LatinX honors 100 of the brightest Latine leaders from across Massachusetts.

Our Amplifiers are leaders, risk-takers, quiet disruptors, and outspoken advocates from all industry sectors who are impacting the future — today.

A year-long celebration of Latine leadership.

The ALX100 honorees are celebrated at our signature event — the ALX100 Reception — and are featured in our exhibition that travels to iconic Massachusetts locations. We actively pitch ALX100 honorees for other awards, visibility campaigns, and media opportunities.

ALX100 Honoree Reception

ALX100 Traveling Exhibition

Opportunities for Visibility

Meet the 2023 ALX100

You are not lucky to be here.
The world needs your perspective.

They are lucky to have you.

– Antonio Tijerino

President & CEO of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation

Sponsor the ALX100

To become an ALX100 sponsor contact Daliza@amplifylatinx.com

2023 Sponsor Shout-Out

¡Muchas Gracias!

We are grateful to our past ALX100 sponsors whose unwavering support and boundless generosity make this year-long celebration possible. Thank you for being the driving force behind our success.

Who will be the next ALX100 cohort?